How to create and manage subscriptions in Plesk

Any person who has a user account created new domain names
in the administrative panel can be subscribed to a service plan, be it your customers, or you as a reseller. Every user can be subscribed to several service plans at once, meaning that they will have several subscriptions, some of which may be custom, and some may be associated with different add-on and service plans.

1) To create a new subscription for a customer already in your database, go to this link.

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How to use the backup manager in Plesk

Backups are an essential part of maintaining magento hosting any website. It is important to create backups on a regular basis to prevent data loss in the event of a server crash.

Performing a reseller account backup in Plesk will back up all your customers and subscriptions and all related information and, depending on your backup settings, their files.

1) Let’s see how to perform a backup. Go to tools & utilities.

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