Feeling brave? Enter the uneasy world of illustrator Wenjia Wang

Born in China, Wenjia moved to the US when she was 17. From a young age, she practised traditional Chinese calligraphy – a fundamental in Chinese ink brush painting. Now the technique plays an important role in informing Wenjia’s penchant for the “ink-like”. Having graduated from New York’s School of visual arts and Fashion institution of technology, she currently works as a freelance illustrator, completing work for both independent musicians and galleries plus big clients like Huawei.
At first glance, Wenjia Wang’s pieces look like inviting, warm works of art. This is intentional, as the illustrator uses what she describes as a “bright, refreshing and tender” colour palette. But, if you look a little closer, you may find yourself thinking again; fingers glide against razor sharp wires, tongues are impaled by microphones and poisonous looking bugs bite into a naked foot. This is because Wenjia wants to “shock” her audience, tricking them into thinking her work is frivolous, before then adding a layer of uneasy storytelling.

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