How to master a beautifully eerie, airbrushed style with Larissa de Jesús Negrón

It’s perhaps Larrisa’s use of airbrush that makes her work so unique; its hazy effect adding a surreal, eerie feeling to her pieces. Now a central component of her work, Larissa only picked up the tool in 2020, quickly finding herself excited by its unpredictable nature. Getting inventive with stencils and even sometimes deciding not to clean the tool for the interesting effect a clogged nozzle creates, airbrush has certainly added numerous layers to Larissa’s work. Read on to find out exactly how she created one of her most recent transfixing paintings.
Larissa de Jesús Negrón’s practice is defined by exploration. Continually experimenting with the tools and materials she works with – incorporating airbrush, acrylic, soft pastels and oil paint – she also dives into the more intangible ideas of selfhood and psychology. When we spoke to her in January this year, she told us: “I enjoy the process of unveiling my identity to myself through my work. This is what keeps me coming back every day.”

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