Opulent, sleazy and filled with narrative: The illustrated world of Alice Bloomfield keeps on growing

As her work continuously grows in popularity, Alice is steadfast in keeping a humble demeanour. For example, she doesn’t let the large online following get to her head, whether that be via intimidation or ego stroking. “Having strangers compliment your work on the internet is always wildly validating, so if anything I’ve found it all encouraging,” she says. “The only downside is that sometimes it’s tempting to just recreate the drawings which have popped off on social media, instead of experimenting and trying something new.” Thankfully, Alice remains consistent in pushing herself in to new areas of illustration and animation and trying out new ideas. Her latest work – an animation for South Florida Sky, a film made with Louis Blue Newby and Laila Majid – was presented on the screens of Piccadilly Circus, and is completely distinct from the work she does as a director at Black Dog Films. Both of which are comparatively different from the work she did for Netflix’s pop-up store, and so on and so on.
Still, with so many projects on the go, at such a young age it can be quite a frantic headspace to be in. Alice’s talent speaks for itself, but there is a definite method to the madness. “I’m definitely a process-driven artist and I am always looking for new techniques, software and different forms that my art can take,” she explains. “Figuring out a new process and adapting my work to fit the medium keeps me engaged and excited about art. I think if I was doing the exact same thing 10 years down the line I’d be pretty bored.” Comparing Alice to only four years ago in her first feature on It’s Nice That, we can see how that ethos has already started to pay off. What began simply as a series of illustrations in her portfolio have become artworks that are adaptable to all forms of animation and movie making.

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