Month: September 2022

Modern Life’s visual identity puts a different spin on insurance

“On the end client side, we wanted to reach younger people who are used to signing up for services like this in slick new phone apps, but the typical audience for this kind of product

How advertising infiated the art world

Creative Insight “As platforms shifted with the advent of online art viewing, digital publications, and the arrival of social media, commercial and art images butted up against one another in new ways. In this arena

The If You Could Jobs weekly: Things to consider when relocating as a creative

If You Could is the place to find jobs in the creative industry. It’s a quick and easy way to browse hundreds of roles across the creative industries. Whether you’re just starting out or planning

Art direction and graphic design for A Cure

For more information make sure to check out Jien Li on Jien Li shared an art direction and graphic design project for “a cure”, a health and wellness center focusing on the properties of hydrotherapy

Radio Cairo is a different kind of design collective

Radio Cairo is unusual as collectives go, since (for now, at least) it seems that it was founded solely to work on the clothing line imagery and has since largely disbanded. At least one member


We speak to the director who created an AI doppelgänger for M.I.A’s single Popular

For Arnaud, the decision to orchestrate the collision of stripped back analogue aesthetics and digital details emerged from one core concept. “The choice on cinematography of a film always comes from the idea for me.