Month: September 2022


Graphic Design Skills You Need to Start a Career in Design

Observational Skills The ability to use logic and reason are critical skills for a designer. Whether creating a graphic design or writing copy for a website, it’s essential to distinguish between facts and opinions. It

“She couldn’t stop winning”: Nike, Wieden+Kennedy and Zendaya pay tribute to Serena Williams

This year alone, Wieden+Kennedy Portland has produced Nike’s memorable 50th-anniversary ad, which saw Spike Lee break down history’s greatest sporting moments in character as Mars Blackmon. In 2020, Wieden+Kennedy Portland worked on another iconic campaign

Woolmark takes on synthetic fabrics in bold new ad

The ad campaign marks a confident new direction for Woolmark, a brand which is known globally for its iconic logo (which comes with its own interesting back story). This new spot articulates a clear purpose


How to Create a Great Corporate Identity: A Complete Guide

You can begin developing your marketing plan based on your answers to these questions. A strong relationship between the client and the designer is essential. After the design is complete, the client will evaluate the


How Content Branding Will Help Your Blog Grow

Brand your content, and you’ll increase conversions by up to 50%! Remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional content marketing methods. You can share your message via email blasts, podcasts, or newsletters.

Skepta’s first and – currently – only painting is being auctioned at Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated will run from 7–13 September 2022, with artists including Frank Bowling featured within Skepta’s curated selection. Skepta revealed the new creative venture in a recent interview with the Financial Times, stating: “I’m


How to Get Started with Stealth Marketing

These tactics may seem counterintuitive to a brand that wants to build its audience, but they work well when you’re trying to enter the market in stealth mode. Giving away free stuff is an old

Soho House launches new magazine with a splash

Photographs that capture that energy appear in the pages, demonstrating the same kind of raucous, lived-in aesthetic that’s permeating the food and restaurant worlds at the moment. “In many ways you want the photography and

WeTransfer has unveiled a new charity to foster better representation in the arts

Also accepting applications is the Impact Grant, which works towards “empowering underfunded grassroots organisations who seek social, intersectional or environmental justice – particularly for people from marginalised backgrounds,” says the foundation. Grassroots organisations led by