From oceans to baths, Angie Kang paints the contrast between organic and artificial sources of water

Water is a substance that has long fascinated and beguiled artists. One such artist is the San Fransisco-based painter Angie Kang. While being interested in the ways humans exist and engage with organic sources of water, Angie also loves to explore how humans have attempted to “domesticate” the aqueous substance. Her depictions of glittering seas and flowing lakes show the vastness and natural beauty of the outdoors; meanwhile her bath scenes are often more intimate, and a space for quiet reflection.
Inspired by the abstract work of contemporary artists Katherine Bradford and Kyle Staver, Angie works a number of different mediums (crayon, gouache and oil) into her pieces to create “unexpected textures”. She also uses a vibrant array of deep colours – which often work in striking contrast to her natural settings – to “invigorate” her ordinary subject matter. Viewing Angie’s alluring paintings is sure to leave you craving a wild swim, a paddle in the sea or a long hot soak in the bath.

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