WeTransfer has unveiled a new charity to foster better representation in the arts

Also accepting applications is the Impact Grant, which works towards “empowering underfunded grassroots organisations who seek social, intersectional or environmental justice – particularly for people from marginalised backgrounds,” says the foundation. Grassroots organisations led by artists who use art for change are the focus, with six more grants of €25,000 available. Lastly, the Community Grant is for community-driven projects for underrepresented artists. “This grant is about tackling the social and economic challenges many artists face across Europe, creating circles of support in a way that’s genuine, sustainable and can have widespread impact,” the site states. Ten grants of €20,000 are available to cover project-related costs; more details on each programme can be found here.
WeTransfer has just unveiled a new independent charity, called The Supporting Act Foundation, with €600,000 worth of funding to support emerging underrepresented and underfunded artists and organisations, plus community-centred initiatives. WeTransfer’s mission with the new venture is to open up entry points into the arts and to tackle age-old barriers that make the industry inaccessible.
As of 1 September, several grants are now open for applications: one is catered towards artists, and the other two are for organisations. The first (Creative Bursary) is targeted at students seeking to pursue a career at the “intersection of arts and technology”, the Foundation site explains. It accepts applications from any students who are in their final year of study (2022-23) at any undergraduate course and come from underrepresented groups or are experiencing any form of financial hardship. Ten bursaries of €10,000 are available.

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