Month: August 2022

Why brands need to become less London-centric

Creative Insight Internships and entry-level jobs at creatively-minded brands were also once the preserve of people who were able and willing to make the obligatory move to London, leading to a long-running talent drain from


How To Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business

Here are the two types of ads that you can use to promote your business on Facebook: But what does a lead mean? A lead is an individual or group who has shown interest in

Wine & Jazz inspired corporate event identity

At Sigma Software, they like their events to be held in style. This is why they chose the Jazz theme for the 2021 edition of their annual corporate party. The crazy thing is that their

Auge rebrands Leibniz with a doughy “freshly baked” typeface

Called in by Bahlsen, the most successful sweet biscuit manufacturer in Germany, Auge was asked to deliver a brand aimed at the younger market while highlighting the “naturalness and goodness of the product”, the Auge

Leibniz unveils a tasty new look

A new custom typeface, Butter Keks Display, was developed from the logo design in order to be able to maintain typographic consistency across the various Leibniz ranges. The company’s distinctive yellow brand colour has been


Top 20 Best Serif Fonts to Download

Larken comes in a variety of weights, from Extra Light to Black. I wanted to bring this font into your work today and thought you’d like to see it paired with a unique and stylish

Why businesses should be led by designers

In the past, a decent digital platform could set a brand apart. Now, decent simply isn’t enough. “The more the competitive landscape levels, the more you have to play on the nuances of how good

Southbank Centre celebrates work from disabled artists on the climate crisis and identity

Keep 7-11 September clear, asSouthbank Centre’s biennial Unlimited festival is returning for its first in-person event since 2018 with a multi art form programme. The exhibition will showcase the work of artists who identify as


How to Add Humour and Comedy to Your Brand

Deadpan humour is blunt and almost awkward. The Office is an excellent example of deadpan humour. In-person, deadpan jokes are told with a straight face. (‘Deadpan’ refers to the joke-teller’s face, ‘the pan’ being the