Month: August 2022


How to Choose the Best Marketing Channel for your Business

Your website is the only place to put your product or service, but it’s also one of the most important places for your brand to be found. As you gain customers and build trust, you’ll


5 Ways Linkedin Ads Can Help You Grow Your Business

LinkedIn’s advanced targeting capabilities allow companies to reach specific audiences with highly effective and cost-effective ads. Disadvantages of LinkedIn Advertising You can start with a few free bids to test your strategy and determine which


Top 10 Things a Startup Branding Agency Can Do

Branding agencies can guide you in using language and visuals to create a brand voice for your company. The startup branding agency you hire should be able to understand your business goals and objectives. This

Lukas Diemling x Supply Family Print Mockups VOL 1

If you’re planning to update your portfolio or you’re working on yours or a client’s branding project, you should check out the photography based high-quality print set mockup created for your next design project. Present

Bridging the Gap

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Richard Turley on the originality myth and the perks of phoning it in

Appropriating the F1 logo from a 90s video game seemed way more interesting than farting around trying to assert my vision by making some lofty, new wave logo. It was also your typical brief hijack.

Gucci’s new campaign is an ode to the genius of Stanley Kubrick

Credits:Creative Director: Alessandro MicheleArt Director: Christopher SimmondsPhotographers & Directors: Mert & MarcusModels’ Make up: Thomas De KluyverModels’ Hair: Paul Hanlon “Kubrick was, in essence, a real sculptor of genres: the ‘cross-genre’ director, ahead of his


Demo Duck lends its animation expertise to visualise one young author’s poetry

On first watch of Finger Paintings, the ways in which Demo Duck has engaged with Isabela’s concepts are clear. First, there’s the flowing, undulating quality of the animation, matching Isabela’s own rhythm and writing style,

The If You Could Jobs weekly: How the four-day work week can be more flexible than you think

Below is this week’s edit of jobs posted on If You Could Jobs. “Our teams are better rested, have learned to use their time more productively and come back energised each week. By sharing the