Wine & Jazz inspired corporate event identity

At Sigma Software, they like their events to be held in style. This is why they chose the Jazz theme for the 2021 edition of their annual corporate party. The crazy thing is that their in-house design team produced the visual identity, animated invitations, and for sure the visual treatment for the event’s venue. The output was just stunning, check it out.

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  • Illustration & Graphic Design – Alena Ostapenko, Ilya Kostin
  • Motion Design – Roman Borozentsev, Oksana Targonska, Ilya Kostin
  • Art Direction– Artem Kostenko
  • Creative Direction – Ilya Kostin
  • Management – Anastasia Verblian, Dmytro Kapustianskyi

We also decided to incorporate the iconic pop-art style into the visual identity by making a couple of collages with famous Jazz (and not only Jazz) superstars. These figures were printed (yes, life-size) and placed in multiple locations across the venue.

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