Auge rebrands Leibniz with a doughy “freshly baked” typeface

Called in by Bahlsen, the most successful sweet biscuit manufacturer in Germany, Auge was asked to deliver a brand aimed at the younger market while highlighting the “naturalness and goodness of the product”, the Auge website explains.
At first glance, the Leibniz logo looks unchanged – a deliberate tactic from Auge. The agency’s site elucidates: “​​We decided to keep the original rounded style [of the logo] and ‘baked’ it exactly the way biscuits are”. If you look closely at the flattened word mark, you’ll likely spot the subtle inktraps Auge has introduced, mimicking the way dough swells and sets as it emerges from the oven. This typographic treatment extends to the new customised typeface: Butterkeks Display.
Leibniz – you know, the Bahlsen biscuit known for its distinctive 52 “teeth” design and for polishing off the packet in one sitting – has got a fun new look. Conceived by branding design agency Auge Design, the refresh takes it cue from the iconic designs that are baked into the biscuit itself to revamp packaging, typography and the logo.

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