Creativity and design are key to helping brands provide a coherent experience for customers across everything from their advertising to their UX. In this series of four virtual talks, Creative Review will bring together a number of experts from the industry to discuss what brands need to be thinking about today and how they can use creativity to build a long-term relationship with audiences.
All the talks are free to attend and we’d love to see you there – please sign up for the first talk in the series on September 7 here. It will take place live at 4pm.
Further talks in the series will look at building a successful in-house team (October); the role of purpose for brands today (November); and how to maintain brand loyalty in changing times (December).
The first talk in the series will address why brands need to join up their design and marketing for maximum success. Creative Review editor Eliza Williams will host the conversation, and will be joined by Taymoor Atighetchi, CEO and founder of Papier; Emma Follett, CCO at Design Bridge; and James Jenkins, COO at B-Reel.
We at CR would love you all to join us for a new virtual talk series that begins on September 7 at 4pm BST. The series will address the complex landscape for brands today and the many challenges that they face to reach customers.