Set up in 2012 as part of financial and retail technology company Diebold Nixdorf, Aevi was spun out as its own business in 2015 and now offers a cloud-based payment platform that works across different channels and devices.
As such, the identity embraces what Anagram describes as a “light and springy” feel, focusing on loose rather than linear shapes. This is expressed via squiggly motifs and icons, as well as a new custom typeface, Aevi Basis – created by Colophon – that echoes the forms of global currency symbols. The shapes of currency symbols informed the payment platform’s new visual identity, which includes a custom typeface with “monetary flourishes” Anagram has adopted a new colour palette as well, foregoing the “sea of blues that wash over the fintech space” for a mix of bright green, forest green, pink and coral.
Aevi’s new identity fits squarely into a burgeoning camp of finance brands embracing new approaches to design and branding, kickstarted by the likes of Monzo, Starling and Revolut in the 2010s and continued by a wave of new businesses such as Keebo and Everything.