The posters, which were part of a social campaign headed up by New York agency Ralph, were based on early screenings of the new season, with Billy given free rein to pick key moments or bits of dialogue. Work was developed by hand initially, before being completed in Photoshop and Illustrator.
Billy has chosen some of the most memorable moments and pieces of symbolism of season four, including the ticking grandfather clock, the Demogorgon, the guitar solo and the clawed hand of Vecna. The imagery is heavily influenced by 1980s horror book jackets, as well as posters and comics. Billy created nine posters in total, released to coincide with the first seven episodes of the Netflix show, and then later with the concluding two. “These play with the iconography, symbols and specific elements of the show, focusing more on the gory and scary scenes, without giving away too much of what happens,” says the artist, who is apparently a favourite of Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers. Although originally intended for social media, Billy’s work also ended up appearing on billboards in Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard, as well as on a set of buyable posters and other merchandise.