Month: August 2022


How to Create a Corporate Branding Strategy

There are several benefits to corporate branding strategies. This is where the rubber hits the road. Your company’s visual identity comprises your logo, colour palette, fonts, images, etc. The visual elements should be consistent across

Animation & design for LOL ESPORTS | MSI 2022

This year’s creative theme, “TAKE NOTES,” is a confident, attitude-infused call to action that highlights the epic moves and original style of MSI’s greatest pros. It continues to build out MSI as the bolder, grittier

Five designers behind some of most memorable museum rebrands

Area 17 The rebrand was based on the museum’s aim to work with partners to decolonise its collection; Area 17 thus held 300 interviews with employees, youth artists, transformation consultants, and Indigenous Elders and artists

Unravelling the grocery delivery brand boom

Creative Insight Convenience culture has transformed almost every aspect of consumers’ daily lives over the course of the last decade. For many of us, it’s hard to remember a time before we relied on Uber


How To Find and Hire eCommerce Developers

Author Bio: Rohit Bhateja is the director of the digital division at SunTec India, one of the leading IT outsourcing companies providing data, photo editing, app development, and eCommerce website development services. He is a technology

Callum Abbott on designing for Pitchfork and doing justice to the vast diversity of music

Callum tells us that Pitchfork’s designers tend to keep a fairly open methodology, breaking projects down into two possible broad approaches. The first, perhaps more simple one, is using objects and iconography associated with the

Andrew Melchior on designing for the internet of things

It was a very Bowie project – and a very Melchior one, too. As the Guardian put it, “this ISP wasn’t just a new means of marketing [Bowie’s] material to the masses, it was the


Benefits of a Strategic Digital Marketing Approach

It’s common to see businesses on Twitter that offer discounts or exclusive deals. People love to share those promotions and follow brands that give them discounts, so it’s the perfect platform for driving traffic to

Concrete Developers branding and visual identity

Keeping the due emphasis on Rational use, functional application, proportions, scalability optical adjustments, and reproduction we have created a logo that is aesthetically pleasing. Has progressive application and represents brand value. The neatness and transparency