A surreal new Spotify campaign is animated by “Gen Z’s most promising artists”

As huge K-pop fans themselves, creative duo and real-life twins Fa & Fon lead the K-pop segment of the campaign, joining forces with kindred creative duo Morbo on the 3D side of the film. For Fa & Fon, a prior love of K-pop was essential in capturing the essence of a real fan listening at home. A release from Soko explains: “Elements such as the cute little monsters are references of old-school Asian daytime cartoon characters such as Doraemon, which Fa & Fon grew up watching, characters that are full of charisma with cheeky menacing personalities.”
Let’s face it, social media isn’t exactly built for escapism. But, after observing Gen Z behaviour on its own platform, Spotify is contending to show how its listeners use the space as a refuge to enter their own universe. The platform does so with a new animated campaign in Brazil that hopes to visualise some of these safe inner universes. The campaign is from Brazilian media agency Soko and is pegged specifically for Gen Z audiences. So interestingly, the studio’s pick of collaborators also hints to which artists are currently at the height of demand when it comes to appealing to the Gen Z demographic. While illuminating, the choices are far from surprising. It could be no other than Fa & Fon, Fromm, Alexandre Louvenaz and Juan R. Lage.
Spanning stop motion, 3D and 2D, the campaign is split into four 15-second animated films and OOH ads. Each film features a typical Gen Z scenario, such as love or college entrance exams, and visualises familiar Gen Z genres in Brazil, such as carioca funk, trap, and K-pop.

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