Top 10 Luxury Brand Logos for Design Inspiration

The initial Prada logo included a house of Savoy crest, a letter P, and the words “Prada”. After the company became an official clothing supplier to the Italian monarchy, it was granted permission to add the royal heraldry to its logo.
This article will look at the top 10 luxury brand logos and try to understand what it means to have a luxury logo design.

So how does the world of luxury compare to the rest of us? A luxury brand is just like any other company. It has a goal and a vision. It needs to make money to continue to thrive. The critical difference is that it has to produce something beautiful, valuable and desirable. It has to satisfy its customer’s desire for luxury. Luxury brands are known for their exquisite quality and unique design. 
When we see the logos of these luxury brands, we are reminded that we, too, can accomplish more than we think. We can find success, happiness, and meaning in our lives. So, look at these logos next time you need some design inspiration.

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What makes a luxury brand?

Luxury Brand Positioning Map

As time passed, the emblem changed slightly. There also were some vintage variations. Today, the logo is a sophisticated vignette with an “H” in the middle. However, it remains the most beautiful symbol of the company. It is woven, so we can find it in several forms, but it never looks ugly.

Louis Vuitton is a classic brand that remains a popular choice among fashion lovers worldwide. It’s so well-known that the logo is used by various companies, from high-end fashion houses to luxury accessories brands. In other words, it’s a brand synonymous with quality and luxury.
The Givenchy logo is a classic. It has changed very little over the years, remaining the same. Yet, the minor update happened in 2003, fine-tuning its identity.
Armani has become one of the world’s biggest names as the first Italian fashion label to establish separate divisions.

What are the key elements that create a luxury brand?

The logo had the designer’s name in all capitals, and the typeface, which looked like New Yorker, was a custom typeface. The wordmark had the first letters of each part enlarged. Regarding spacing, the three parts of the designer name are placed close to each other, with no additional separation. 

The simplicity of the Louis Vuitton logo is a big part of why it continues to be a go-to brand for all kinds of businesses. The iconic bag is easy to recognise and stands out from the crowd, which means it’s perfect for businesses looking to make a statement. It’s also a bit unique since it’s not as flashy or elaborate as the logos used by other high-end brands.
Don’t be fooled by these luxury brand logos. They’re all great for inspiration, and I hope they’ll give you some design ideas of your own.
As the company continued to grow, it decided to change its name. It initially changed the company’s name from Gianni Versace S.p.A. to Gianni Versace SpA. The initial change was unsuccessful, and the company reverted to the Gianni Versace name in 1992.

Top 10 Luxury Brand Logos


Chanel Logo Design

The Gucci logo has become so synonymous with luxury fashion that it’s often used to describe any high-end item in the clothing, shoe, and handbag categories. The double-G Gucci logo has appeared on everything from jewellery to watches and even on a few automobiles. As a result, the symbol is recognised around the world.

As a result, the company was allowed to incorporate the Savoy coat of arms in the logo. The royal symbols helped the company to gain recognition. However, as the brand grew, so did the competition. The company had to compete with other luxury fashion brands, including Cartier, Dior, and Fendi. Therefore, in the 1960s, they redesigned the Prada logo. The design included a rope, a coat of arms, and a curved P. The design also removed the name “Prada”.
Today, Chanel has become synonymous with the epitome of luxury. The Chanel logo is simple, solid and bold, reflecting the brand’s spirit.
The brand then gained momentum with the addition of the ellipse in the logo. By the late 1980s, they changed the logo yet again. The company decided to drop the royal symbols and only retained the name “Prada”.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Logo Design Luxury

Gianni Versace wanted the company to look like Medusa. The company would continue to use Medusa as a symbol of power and beauty.

The logo of the famous French fashion house Chanel was designed in 1925 by the legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel. Chanel’s simple and elegant design became the emblem of a new era, ushering in a new era of sophistication and the beginning of a new type of feminine beauty. As a pioneer of fashion, she was ahead of her time.


Gucci Logo Design Luxury Brand Logos

The Tiffany & Co logo comprises a unique typeface, a distinctive colour palette and a well-known key. The typeface was designed in 1974 by Ed Benguiat. He was inspired by the handwriting of Charles Lewis Tiffany, the company’s founder.
Initially, it was just a carriage goods manufacturer. Nowadays, it is an exclusive designer of the finest fashion goods. The brand is named after Thierry Hermes, the company’s founder. The company’s emblem reflects that it is a car accessory maker for the aristocracy. 


Tiffany Co Logo

A key representing the diamond key, a symbol of love and unity, completes the iconic logo.

Many different companies specialise in producing luxury goods. The most famous include Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Tiffany and Gucci.
Her philosophy of “Less is more” and her motto of “There is no reason to copy; it is enough to do it better” embodied a fresh new approach to life and style.
This logo is simple yet eye-catching. The designer created it to represent the founder’s initials. So, it comprises the founder’s name—G—in two different ways. First, it comprises a sans-serif type, which is executed in caps. Then, it is mirrored by the word—Givenchy. So, it’s an example of asymmetrical design.

Yves Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Logo History

The emblem is a stylised eagle which is turned right with wings spread. The legend says the eagle is a tribute to the U.S. as it is the largest trading partner. However, the eagle looks to the east, so it is just another beautiful story.

The main objective is to offer high-quality products and services with a unique appeal. The most important rule is this: “If you can afford it, you can’t afford not to buy it.” I am confident that if we keep the quality high and the price reasonable, our customers will buy our products.
Top 10 Luxury Brand Logos for Design Inspiration


Hermes Symbol

The brand’s iconic colour, Tiffany blue, was registered as a trademark by the company and never left its packaging. It is a “must have” background Tiffany colour, which makes a great contrast with the black wordmark.
Creating a luxury brand begins with choosing the right business concept. Luxury should be associated with the best service and products. The public must recognise the brand as luxurious and a status symbol, but with the added value of offering a unique experience to customers.


Versace Logo Design Branding

The logo was updated in 1992 when they added the full name of the fashion house to the emblem. In 2012, they refreshed the logo – it retained the original colour palette, but they wrote the name in bold sans-serif letters. The upper line of the logo had its letters in Neue Helvetica enlarged and uncluttered. At the same time, the “Paris” tagline, also in uppercase, was executed in a modern serif typeface, which was pretty similar to Copperplate Gothic Std Bold, and has its letters placed far from each other, which adds air and lightness to the image.
Sometimes, the logo is accompanied by the word—Paris. This pays tribute to the country’s capital city, a reminder of the founder’s birthplace.
In the early days, black colour, worn only for mourning and religious purposes, did not match the elegant lifestyle of Coco Chanel. She introduced the concept of a “little black dress” and forever associated the colour black with the brand.


Prada Logo Design

As the world becomes more competitive, I think it is inevitable that companies will offer luxury products and services. We will never be able to afford to lose our competitive edge. We must find a way to stand out from the rest.
Luxury brands come in many shapes and sizes. They can be based around a product, such as high-end perfume or watches, or around an aesthetic, such as handbags or jewellery. For example, Gucci is known for its extravagant and luxurious lifestyle. It produces clothing and accessories seen as luxury items, and its designs reflect this.

The Tiffany & Co logo is a famous symbol of elegance and class. It results from a creative collaboration between the graphic designer Ed Benguiat and the company’s CEO, Charles Lewis Tiffany.


Givenchy Logo

In 1962, the Yves Saint Laurent logo was launched with a monochromatic composition featuring the designer’s name in all capitals and an emblem made with just three letters of the designer’s name: YSL. 
A luxury brand is known for its quality, luxury and exclusivity. These products are often expensive, but they are also thought about highly by the owner, so they are generally more durable and long-lasting than cheaper products. This means they are more likely to stand the test of time and be passed down through generations.
Furthermore, the brand uses a different logo for its perfume products. Its wordmark cannot fit the frame size, so the designer replaced it with a graphic mark—G. This is the brand’s icon.
The Gucci logo, however, did not start as a brand icon. The double-G was only introduced as a mark for the brand in 1933. Before this, they associated the Gucci brand with the name of its founder. They also used the logo to create the company’s trademark, which read “G.G.”.


Giorgio Armani Logo Design

Luxury brands are often associated with expensive goods, but there are ways to design products with a luxury feel without breaking the bank.
I believe that luxury has a role to play in the business world. We spend money on our homes and cars, but we do not consider ourselves rich. Luxury products and services are now a way to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers.


The top brands in the world offer us something we all want: happiness, luxury, and success. They create a sense of belonging and inspiration and provide us with something to aspire to. 
Whether you’re looking for a logo design for your brand or simply a refresher on some of the most well-known logos, there are few things as satisfying as a well-designed logo. If you’re designing your logo for the first time, you may feel intimidated, but plenty of resources are available online to help you get started.
In the early years of the design house, Gianni Versace wanted the company to look like himself, so he named the company after his name. He also chose the name ‘Versace’ because the name was similar to ‘Giovanni’.

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