Helvetica, the world’s most popular font, serves as a creative muse in a new NFT collection

Other names include Kunel Gaur, Jasmina Zornic, Julian Montague, Wayne Lawrence and Kiel Mutschelknaus. Each of these creators has taken the classic and much-loved typeface and shown the many ways in which type in general can be used for artistic purposes in a Web 3.0 and Metaverse context. According to Palmer, Helvetica The NFT forms part of a wider movement in which designers are “exploring type design for virtual reality environments”. She adds: “They’re weighing accessible type design and letter shapes when viewed at different angles and levels of automation—all without compromising authentic brand experiences.”
Helvetica The NFT boasts a number of celebrated creators, including Margaret Calvert, who is best known for her seminal work on road signage in the UK – and has contributed her first-ever NFT to the project – and prolific designer Paula Scher, who is a partner at Pentagram and served as its first female principal in 1991. Among the older and more established creatives are up-and-comers such as Vicky Vuong, an electron microscopist turned sneaker artist who created an artwork where “the anatomy of a sneaker is labelled with warped Helvetica font”.

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