Visual identity and web design for Nova Iskra Workspace

Olga Vajagić shared a visual identity, website and blog design, workspace signalization and promotional campaign for the opening of the new co-working spaces, Nova Iskra Workspace.
Nova Iskra Workspace, powered by Rent24 provides the best co-working spaces in Serbia. Being in this incredible team, I took part in crafting a brand new website promoting workspaces and membership packages. I was also required to design all printed materials for coworkers, such as Member’s Guide and Welcome Note, as well as spatial signalization and branding.


  • Company: Nova Iskra Workspace
  • Date/Period: 2014–2020
  • Role: Art Direction & Design
  • Tasks: Visual identity / UI/UX / Website design / Blog design / Branding / Merchandise design / Campaign visuals

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