Gander brands Mercado Famous, New York’s emerging Spanish meat connoisseurs

They chose local design studio Gander for the task, who helped to develop a brand system that feels forward-facing, whilst paying respect to the rich heritage of Mercado Famous’ products. “Mercado Famous came to us with the challenge of creating a brand system for them that felt authentically Spanish, and could be an ambassador of Jamon to American audiences,” says Gander co-founder Mike McVicar. “Part of that was to communicate the unique relationship that Spanish culture has with food, hospitality, and festivity.”
Iberian meats are some of Spain’s most iconic exports, with a long history that dates back centuries. Over the years, they’ve found their way to nearly every corner of the world, but in the US, high-quality cuts are hard to find. So emerging brand Mercado Famous set about changing that, by sourcing and providing some of the country’s best-kept secrets. The founders, Chinese duo Carmen Chen Wu and Aaron Luo – both of whom are Spanish-born and New York-based – wanted to bring their findings to a US audience and needed some eye-catching branding to do so.

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