Cast your mind back to when you’ve shopped for a new pair of trousers. “You’re going to touch them, you’re going to feel them, you’re going to try them on,” says Drummond Munro, the co-founder and chief brand officer of cannabis retail brand ­Superette. Part of being at the forefront of Canada’s relatively young legal cannabis industry is normalising the experience for customers, reminding them that, just like shopping for trousers, “this is retail”, he explains. “You can interact with these products, you can ask questions, you can have fun. Fun is a big piece here.”
The pattern of borrowing inspiration from other retail sectors, and Munro’s use of words like ‘shopping’ rather than ‘buying’ or ‘consuming’, paints a pretty clear picture of how Superette has cut through in Canada’s nascent cannabis retail landscape. Its stores famously take after the kitsch design of archetypal food establishments, from bodegas and delis to supermarkets and convenience stores ­(a ‘bakery’ is practically begging to be made) where, among a sea of bright and nostalgic design touches, customers can shop for products like pre-rolls and cannabis, accessories like ashtrays and bongs, and Superette’s own merch.

Superette’s recent opening in the Annex neighbourhood in Toronto. All images courtesy Superette