“Pride means everything to me”: five photographers reflect on this year’s London event

It was glorious. And, although this year’s Pride was undeniably positive – a celebration of equality and rights for the LGBTQIA+ community – there was a substantial political undercurrent that ran throughout. There’s still a long way to go. Led by queer activist organisation Lesbians and Gays Support for Migrants (LGSM), the parade was paused for 23 minutes in protest of police officers’ involvement in the parade; each minute depicted the 23 people who’ve been killed in Met Police custody in the last two years. It was a sentiment felt far and wide, reminding the crowds of the reasons why they’re there. So to reflect on London Pride this year, we’ve asked five photographers to share their thoughts on the day and what the event means to them personally.
As the crowds quickly filled the roads in their millions – Soho, Hyde Park, Tottenham Court Road and the like – this hum only increased as the gatherings grew, citing this event as its biggest one to date. With Sugababes and Whitney Houston serving as the welcomed soundtrack for the day, the cast of Netflix’s popular show Heartbreakers and some veteran Pride goers, who’ve been taking part since its inception, were among those in attendance.
The celebratory hum heard in London’s central streets last weekend was unmissable. In what marked the 50th anniversary of UK’s first Pride parade, this year’s event was an emotional and elated comeback, having been halted for a brief hiatus due to Covid-19.

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