By tackling the digital skills gap, This Is How helps young people take their first steps into the creative industry

Through the work exuded by This Is How – a harmonious collaboration between two like-minded companies – it proves that the demand for this type of informative content is out there, and just how vital it is to support young people and those wanting a career change on their paths into the creative industry. It also has great plans for the future: “We are currently in the planning phase of our S3 This Is How activity and plan to evolve to create a deeper and more meaningful impact,” states the release from the brand. Clearly, there’s exciting things to come for This Is How and young creatives alike.
“82 per cent of advertised roles require digital skills, yet 12.6 million of the adult UK population lack these skills. And with 65 per cent of children entering primary school now due to work in jobs that don’t yet exist, the UK economy could lose as much as £141.5 billion of GDP growth if this issue continues to go unchecked,” said Ellie Bradley, managing director of registry solutions and public benefit at Nominet, sourced from the company’s website. “Our aim is that This Is How will provide insights into the plethora of digital roles available, in an engaging and informative way. In turn, we hope it will play its part ensuring the UK remains a vibrant digital economy as more young people become aware of, and embrace, as wide a variety of digital opportunities as possible.”
The digital world has experienced a rapid boom in recent times. As a result, there’s an increasing demand for digital skills in the UK job market, as stated by a report from in 2019. With technology becoming more intertwined with our lives – like a piece of furniture in the home – it’s now vital for the workforce to increase their digital skills. Responding to these findings, This Is How aims to tackle the “motivation gap” that exists between young people and digital skills careers. The programme strives to help young people gain skills and develop their careers in the industry, all the while expanding their knowledge on the available jobs that exist in the big and vast world of digital.

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