How to rebrand Venezia FC, the “world’s most fashionable club”? Call in Bureau Borsch

Venezia FC pre-match shirts are available for pre-order here; the rest of the 22/23 Venezia FC kit collection includes three kits to be released on 7 July, 14 July, and 21 July.
A new set of 22/23 pre-match shirts also launch with the new identity. Having released its shirts to much fanfare in the past, Venezia FC rings in this season with “a streetwear sensibility”, says the release. The Bureau Borsche shirts feature an orange, black, and green checker design and the new crest in total gold. The accompanying campaign for the 22/23 pre-match shirts is shot by Alessandro Simonetti.
However, that’s not to say Bureau Borsche hasn’t taken dynamic steps forward. The historic lion emblem has been integrated into a minimal “V” crest. Its abstract new form, the release adds, produces “a fresh lion that feels more sleek, fierce, and stylish than the one it replaces”.
Capped by the club’s classic orange and green, the letterform on the logo has been split to resemble two flags. Meanwhile, in a significant move for the club, the lion itself has returned to its original gold, after previous introductions of a white logo throughout its 114-year history (from 1997-2005, in 2013, and in 2015, remaining though last season). The gold iteration, Bureau Borsches reason, is “the most authentic and refers to the old heritage”.

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