Month: July 2022

Super elegant branding for Daz Hauz

The origin of Daz Hauz comes from the German “das Haus”, meaning “The House”. The brand identity takes inspiration from German modern architecture and echoes the idea of space and transformation. Rafael Cardoso shared a


30+ Best Free Graphic Design Resources For Designers

There’s no shortage of places to learn. At the moment, there are lots of classes available on a wide variety of topics. It’s easy to find something you like. There’s always free streaming available, so


The Future Of Digital Marketing: 4 Trends That Will Shape The Industry

Deep learning – A machine learning technique where a computer is taught to learn through example, much like how humans learn. This helps in processing data, and the machine can process large amounts of data quickly


5 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Advertising in Your Marketing Plan

Direct mail campaigns are a great way to promote your business and create new sales leads. However, before investing in a direct mail campaign, you must be aware of the costs. It’s not necessary to

Branding and visual identity for Louis Tillack

For more information make sure to check out Monish on: The pixel-y aesthetic created communicates the deeply technical and digital essence of Louis’ work, something he takes pride in.  Monish Khara shared a branding and


Gorillaz reveals new 3D look with hallucinatory music video by Nexus

Opening on a hospital in LA, the new music video sees Murdoc, Noodle, Russel and 2D all return to the screen, with lead vocalist 2D brought into the waiting room only to be questioned by

Ridley Scott winery launches with whimsical dog illustrations drawn by the director

Last year, when we spoke to Sylvain Despretz, Scott’s go-to storyboarder for much of his early career, we caught a glimpse into the director’s famously scrupulous filmmaking process. Studio founder Tom Hingston attests that Mas

Irma Boom designs new book documenting UAE culture and history

“What started as a conversation amongst family and friends between Dubai and Amsterdam, led us here to the launch of a collection of tales,” says Yasser Bin Khediya – a philanthropist, owner of property development

Exposure: Steph Wilson

Creative Insight In Self, a personal project initiated in lockdown, Wilson’s body became her primary subject. The work interrogates the sensorial experience of inhabiting a body, the complex emotions that they provoke, and the political