Month: June 2022

“If you make things that move, DEMO is the festival for you”: Take your last chance to submit to the world’s largest motion festival

The art of motion design is a practice often only viewed in digital spaces. However DEMO, a design and motion festival organised by Studio Dumbar (part of DEPT*), is an event dramatically changing the way

Why social media loves chaos

In terms of activism, probably. That said, we can still learn a lot from how the story unfolded online. Because while the attack may not be a case study in excellent activism, it’s a great


How to Do Startup Branding the Right Way

For example, you may send emails to your customers or send out promotional materials. What is startup branding? This is a question that many entrepreneurs have struggled with. Many startup businesses end up having a

ZOONE | Creative Zone Branding Design By Beatriz Ricci

Red is intense, capable of representing the entire process. From the deep immersion in their own circumstances and narratives, before accepting the unknown, to the moment when the unpredictable feels friendly.  The optical illusion present

Working Class Creatives Database is disrupting an inaccessible, London-centric industry

Chanelle Love and Seren Metcalfe:As a database we want creative industries to be more accessible to working class people. Creative industries are incredibly London-centric, and there’s a lot of gatekeeping and nepotism. This is something

The Big Issue launches rebrand by JKR

The rebrand aims to bring its various divisions including Big Issue Media, home to the organisation’s eponymous magazine, Big Issue Shop, Big Issue E-Bikes, Big Issue Invest, and Big Issue Foundation under a harmonious umbrella

Freedom Grams is a powerful packaging project raising awareness about mass cannabis incarceration

To put it simply, Freedom Grams is both an open-source label that other cannabis brands can adopt and a cannabis product in its own right. However, it only sells cannabis in the exact amounts people

Ryan Reynolds on how to make advertising fun

For Reynolds, his two different careers fed into each other, with his film production company Maximum Effort “inadvertently” evolving into a marketing company during his ten-year struggle to get the first Deadpool movie made. Even

Cannes Lions 2022 Grand Prix winners round up (and a few reflections)

Data Tienda, WeCapital; Agency: DDB Mexico, Mexico City Real Tone, Google; Agencies: Google/T Brand Studio, New York/Wieden + Kennedy, Portland/Gut, Miami NikeSync, Nike; Agency: R/GA London [embedded content] As it turns out, perhaps somewhat predictably,