Month: June 2022


What is Brand Association?

Whether you’re building a product, a company, or a community, developing a network is vital. Relationships and partnerships are an integral part of building any brand. This applies to brands at the physical level, such


How to stay true to your unique creative approach, with May’s Nicer Tuesdays

Jack Bridgland advocates for sticking to your vision and adding a little bit of pink wherever possible. From there onward Jack dedicated himself to developing his own style and focussing on doing things in his

Intimacy, interaction and human connection: the art of conversations with Miranda July

Speaking with It’s Nice That’s resident news writer Liz Gorny, Miranda also offers insight into directing her first feature, the cult classic You Me and Everyone We Know. Jumping from making films on a low

Brand and visual system for financial consulting firm Sevago

For more information make sure to check out tbpmx on: The branding people (tbpmx) shared a branding and visual identity project for Sevago, a boutique specialized consulting firm with a solid legal basis that incorporates

The If You Could Jobs weekly: what difference can a good manager make?

Click here to read the full article on “the managers that shaped us” on The If You Could Jobs Journal.  Want to stay on top of your job search? Or keep an ear out for when

KesselsKramer’s Jubilee plates take an ‘honest look’ at the royal extravaganza

Some of KesselsKramer’s designs sail a little closer to the wind, in particular the one stamped with ‘property of Pizza Express Woking’ – a nod to the disastrous 2019 interview where Prince Andrew and BBC


A “reflection of the spaces we share”, BBC One’s new idents celebrate British culture at its finest

Each scene is shot using cinematic techniques and filters to become a “fly on the wall” that’s “cast through a curated lens”. The locations also play a vital part in the accessibility of the project,

Metamorphic dancers take flight in HAAi’s music video

“My initial touchstone was just the idea of ascension, of flight and getting beyond ourselves,” says Furse, who was responsible for crafting the visuals that underpin the video. “But as I started to work on

How CEOs make an agency creative

Creative Leadership There’s a familiar cliché that the higher someone progresses up the ranks in a creative business, the less ‘creative’ their job actually becomes. By that logic, then, the CEO of a creative agency