Minimalism in design is a controversial topic for many designers. Some deem it sleek and clean, others feel it is a shortcut for everything and nothing at the same time. The term can feel limiting to designers, so the question is, how can they overcome this challenge? Or should we let go of minimalism entirely?
At monopo, we probably encounter the word minimalism in every other brief, though more often than not it means ‘no need to go crazy here’, ‘we like things safe’, ‘everyone should be able to relate to this’. It’s a call for safety rather than bravery as it provides little to build on and restrains creativity from the beginning.
By contrast, maximalism, when done correctly, is a fantastic opportunity to stand out from competitors and create a strong, bold and vibrant identity. After two years of self-isolation and economic austerity, perhaps we are due a new Renaissance era where people want to feel more again?