Month: June 2022

Contiki’s fresh design to inspire young people to travel after covid-19

“Our upbeat feel and vibrant color palette, together with executions that have a strong lifestyle and sports feel, will help to get people involved, motivated and excited. Together, our character and design language give the


10 Tips for Website Designing and Development

The most important thing is to choose the navigation structure that will attract visitors to your website. The navigation structure should not be confusing for visitors and should be understandable and relevant. The navigation structure


How to Use CRM Data to Build Your Social Media Strategy

For example, you might notice that the highest number of successful purchases are from paid Instagram ads, which take viewers to your Instagram shop. From the Instagram shop, they are directed to the website to

The future of creativity: Adobe delves into the metaverse and creating new collaborative communities

Not only exploring the ways in which it can enhance long standing features, Adobe is also leading the most exciting and innovative creative avenues, most notably, the world of 3D design and the metaverse. At

TVNZ ad campaign offers a lesson in the perils of streaming

Creative Inspiration [embedded content] Credits:Agency: Dentsu Creative (Aotearoa)ECD, New Zealand: Anne BoothroydGroup Creative Director: Jack DelmonteCreative Director: Andrea SarculloSenior Copywriter: Matt WoodsSenior Art Director: Chelsea SietsesECD (Australia + NZ): Marcus TesorieroECD: Hadleigh SinclairExecutive Director, Strategy:

Graphic & packaging design for Landini Swatch Boxes

Kidstudio created a beautiful and I’d say super elegant graphic design and packaging design project for Landini Swatch Boxes. Per their description: it runs in the family In the wake of that kidstudio . has


Headless Commerce: Everything You Need To Know

As a result, headless commerce provides retailers greater flexibility and agility in designing and managing their online presence. And that can ultimately lead to better customer experiences and higher sales. Although it has many benefits,


What Is Experiential Marketing, and Why Is It So Critical?

The “Walking Wall” in Chicago is an excellent example of experiential marketing. The Walking Wall uses live music to connect with people walking by. The music creates a unique ambience. Personalising your content will make

Branding & graphic design for Slidebusters

Daria Kriuchek shared a branding, graphic design and UX project for Slidebusters. Despite the lack of details it seems that Slidebusters is a service that helps folks improve their presentations with templates for slides. The