Month: May 2022


iOS App Development – Basics, Trends and Best Practices

You have to choose reasonable pricing for your app. Have you noticed that there are hundreds of free and popular applications? Revenue becomes more essential than pricing at this point. Users’ adaptability is more important

The Charity Poster

The posters were digitized, and used on the BESIGN website, and social media to encourage people to donate to an NGO related to these goals: Resto du coeur for the Goal N°2 zero hunger, Red

D&AD awards five coveted Black Pencils in its 2022 ceremony

[embedded content] “In the wake of political and social turmoil, creative excellence continues to not only survive, but thrive, as evidenced by the incredible talent we’ve seen at this year’s D&AD Awards,” says D&AD COO

Wieden + Kennedy London hosts an exhibition of photography from Ukraine

The images featured at the agency are curated by Kateryna Radchenko, director of Odesa Photo Days Festival, who is currently working with photographers at the frontlines in Ukraine. The project is raising funds for the

The creative potential of 3D billboards

Creative Insight We recommend activating Javascript in your browser. There is a well-known scene in Back to the Future II, when the 1989 film predicts that by 2015 there will be giant 3D holographic advertisements

The Bob’s Burgers Movie creators on serving up a “genre salad” to fill feature-length appetites

Bernard Derriman: First of all, we didn’t want to upgrade the characters and change the look of them for the movie. We really wanted it to feel like it was part of the show in

Archiving beehives through the ages, Hives opens the lid on our ancient relationship with the species

While Aladin’s methodology may not be fantastical, the images it unearths often feel like it. Much of the time, the forms in Hives look more akin to carved sculptures and masked costumes than homes for

The If You Could Jobs weekly: What makes a successful creative mentor relationship

Want to stay on top of your job search? Or keep an ear out for when your dream job arrives on our site? Click here to set up tailored job alerts arriving straight into your


How to Choose the Best Advertising Strategy for Your Business

One of the big reasons most businesses fail is because they don’t place ads strategically. Instead, they throw money at the problem and hope that something sticks.  First, you need to figure out the overall