Wieden + Kennedy London hosts an exhibition of photography from Ukraine

The images featured at the agency are curated by Kateryna Radchenko, director of Odesa Photo Days Festival, who is currently working with photographers at the frontlines in Ukraine.
The project is raising funds for the Ukrainian Charity Foundation the Depths of Art, which supports those working in art, music, theatre, literature and cultural studies. Visitors can donate via a dedicated JustGiving page or can buy prints via Photofusion at this link.
The work is displayed on digital screens, meaning it can be regularly updated with new images from photographers on the ground.

Top image: by Pavel Dorogoy; Above: by Sehii Nuzhnenko
Volodymyr Petrov
By Volodymyr Petrov
Yulia Chervinska
By Yulia Chervinska

“It’s important to show what is happening in Ukraine now,” says Radchenko. “Yes, there are many international journalists in Ukraine, covering the events daily. However, there is a big difference between pictures taken by journalists, temporarily visiting, and photographers shooting in their home cities and towns. The latter know the context and have no opportunity to go back home to a safe place after completing their assignment.
The exhibition is on display at W+K’s offices at 16 Hanbury Street in London until May 31. It is supported by Photofusion in London and organised in partnership with Odesa Photo Days, based in Ukraine; wklondon.com
The 16 featured artists are Yurko Dyachyshyn, Andriy Lomakin, Volodymyr Petrov, Stas Yurchenko, Mykhaylo Palinchak, Elena Subach, Serhii Nuzhnenko, Viacheslav Ratynski, Yulia Chervinska, Oleksandr Navrotskyi, Alina Smutko, Sirhiy Hudak, Shilo Group, Pavlo Dorohoi, Igor Efimov, and Kateryna Moskalyuk.

Serhiy Hudak Uzhgorod
By Serhiy Hudak Uzhgorod
Volodymyr Petrov
By Volodymyr Petrov

“We must tell our story to prevent it from happening ever again, or being silenced.”

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