A bathroom retailer has launched a teeny-tiny bee-sized bidet for World Bee Day

In a release, Victorian Plumbing explains that it called upon a team of “artistic designers” to curate a micro-bidet and bathroom – which is quite possibly the best job description we have ever heard. The final luxury bath set is made from a mix of ceramic and vitreous china, as well as acrylics.
By donating 100 per cent of the profits of its adult-sized bidets, Victorian Plumbing hopes to help fund the British Beekeepers Association’s Save the Bees appeal with the campaign, which delivers extensive research into the dangers honeybees face and how to tackle them. The release continues: “Since 1900, the UK has lost 13 species of bees, with a further 35 under threat of extinction, due to climate change and loss of forage.” Victorian Plumbing aims to raise awareness of the work the British Beekeepers Association does in promoting the art of beekeeping, while helping to protect a species which significantly impacts our environment and ecosystem.
If 20 May just sounds like another day of the week, it’s time to update the calendar because today is World Bee Day – and what better way to celebrate than with tiny bee-friendly bathroom utilities, right? We think so, and, thankfully, so does leading bathroom retailer Victorian Plumbing. In an effort to raise funds to protect British bees, the brand has created a less than one inch-long bidet and an eensy bespoke bathroom, equipped with a walk-in shower and bathtub, all in the name of bee-kind.
The release throws up a lot of questions. From ‘is the bespoke bee bathroom kitted out with plumbing?’ to the more simple, ‘why?’. But, perhaps, now is not the time for questions, with a recent release revealing that 67 per cent of common bee species have declined since 1970 and the UK government authorising the use of bee-harming pesticides, the species is at serious risk.

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