For Google Pixel’s Magic Eraser tool, Anyways and Amplify create a fantastical visual world that “celebrates” erased elements

To create the tools demo film World of Magic, the Anyways team enlisted the skills of Partizan director Sophia Ray and VFX company Coffee & TV to create a weird and wonderful land. Beginning in what seems to be a fairly day-to-day park, the film quickly shifts into a fantastical alternate land, where aspects that have been erased from photos – a runner, seagull, traffic cone among others – are all “set free”, as described by a recent press release.
With a sprinkling of humour, effortless and shameless transitions, dreamy sound design and brilliant effects the film comes together to portray the wondrous potential of such a sought after tool. Ellen Turnill Montoya, creative director at Anyways, sums up the project and overall approach: “With this concept we wanted to flip what could be an expected product demo on its head, celebrating what has been erased, and where it goes, rather than only the picture-perfect image you are left with at the end.”
We all know that feeling too well, when you’ve taken a picture you love but there’s just one part of it that’s just not quite right. This is exactly the feeling Anyways Creative and Amplify were tasked with embodying in a new project from Google, exploring the Pixel 6 smartphone’s new Magic Eraser. To truly bring to life the new tool, which uses AI technology to let you erase unwanted elements, Google called upon the creative agencies to mastermind both a demo film, led by Anyways, and interactive experience, helmed by Amplify, that exemplified the tools playful side. But rather than simply getting rid of what’s been erased, the team at Anyways set themselves down a different route, making use of – and even “celebrating” – the bits and pieces that don’t make the final cut.

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