Holy Cow Burger Branding & Strategic Brand Construction

Many traditional hamburgers use “vintage” elements to compose their communication and strong and flashy colors. By using these already established elements but adding a vegetarian perspective, we create something new and at the same time familiar. A conflicting but harmonious communication of opposites that function in completeness. In addition, we wanted to use provocative and acid language. For this, vintage-style cartoon characters were used because they bring a certain humor to this aggressiveness.
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I was invited to develop the brand and positioning of the company that sought to escape the pre-established standards of veggie foods that, for the most part, are looking for a lighter communication that features softer color tones. Together, we achieved a result in which we subvert stigmatized concepts and, at the same time, used clichés to reach this resolution.

Daniel Facchini shared a branding and strategic brand construction project for Holy Cow, a veggie burger joint (with vegan options too) located in Melbourne, Australia. Its owners use certified transgenic soy in the preparation of some hamburgers, others are made with banana biomass and cheese. According to them, vegetarian and vegan food doesn’t have to be bland. It can be junk and delicious.

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