DixonBaxi’s rebrand for music venue Koko bottles the anticipation of waiting for a show with a logo that counts down

For a brand that has to represent both the major acts and emerging artists gracing the Koko stage week in and out, the identity needed to tap into a visual applicable to all artists. DixonBaxi went one step further and landed on visualising a universal feeling instead. “At the heart of the system is the concept’ Countdown to Live’,” explains a release from the consultancy, “the idea of bottling the anticipation, energy, experience and thrill unique to live events, and Koko’s ability to beam those qualities across the globe through streamed performances, podcasts, back-stage moments and more.”
Koko has undergone a major makeover this year – in more ways than one. In April, the famous independent Camden music venue opened its doors – with Arcade Fire, no less – after a three-year closure which featured challenges of “a biblical nature”, including “a blazing fire, colossal water damage and a global pandemic”, says a release from the venue. Koko 2.0 comprises a 50,000-square-foot venue with a 360-degree stage, from which artists can broadcast music to fans everywhere, directly. It also consists of a fresh look, having called on DixonBaxi to usher the venue into a new era. Not one to do things in half measures, the design consultancy responded with a rebrand that ticks, that flashes, and ripples red – mirroring the venue’s notorious red interior.

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