Month: April 2022

Designers and developers: how to collaborate and conquer

To get this balance right and stay ahead in a fast-changing market, designers and developers must form a united front based on mutual respect and minimise the chance of anything getting lost in translation. KEEP

Venice Blvd, a Chunky, Funky Sans Straight Out of Venice Beach and the Boardwalk

Why’s it called Venice Blvd? “Our first font was named Palm Canyon Drive, after the main drag In Palm Springs, CA, a city known for its mid century modern architecture that inspired the typeface. Many

Stink Studios reports back on its treasure hunt to get Nike’s first NFT

To open the vault and gain access to the NFT, audiences had to be able to connect with others for help; “No single person would realistically be able to solve the series of puzzles required


10 Branding Tactics Every Marketer Should Master

We all want to belong, and if we like something, it makes us want to go back and do it again. We become part of a brand’s fan club, rooting for the company and its

Artbook for Bottega Veneta X Tyrone Lebon

This artbook is a combination of strength and subtlety because it is everything that Bottega Veneta stands for. Strength, sensuality, being in the moment. Bottega Veneta is about defining a point of view, a new

Discover the laborious painting process behind Hollywood’s forgotten film backdrops

Walsh continues in the release: “In this form of painting, the deadlines and physicality required speed and confidence. The canvas was attacked with wild abandon, not courted. Their unique industrial techniques permitted them to be

Who ❋ Needs Words ✎ When You ➰Have Symbols❓

Illustration by Tala Safié Most curious of all: even Twitter has recently allowed certain advertisers to create Nouveau Rebus-style tweets with special in-line CTA buttons, opening the door to new ways of driving engagement from

Cora’s redesign embraces a ‘self care’ approach to periods

Mother Design has also created a new wordmark, using a custom sans serif typeface that flows into place when animated. According to the studio – which is no stranger to a bit of jazzy type

ReelTea packaging design to encourage conversation by Hart & Jones

To promote and celebrate real conversations Hart & Jones have designed a range of premium teas. With two bags to a pack, the designs encourage us to disconnect from the digital and embrace analogue .