Month: April 2022

What Charles and Ray Eames can teach designers today

It’s an ongoing project, but the aim of the Institute is to equip a new generation with problem-solving skills inspired by the Eames. It plans to do this by sharing their former work and collected


Content Marketing Strategy: 8 Principles & Examples

Content marketing isn’t just about creating beautiful blog posts and social media content; it’s about making the content that people consume relevant to their needs and interests. This means using content based on research that’s


Buckle up! We’re diving into the world of travel website design

West Coast Tasmania: These characteristics are tangible throughout the website, which is honest about the reality of life in the west coast. It’s also upfront about the region’s confronting modern history, which includes “European

JKR rebrands Magnolia Bakery in New York, home of the cupcake

After experiencing a pop culture moment when Carrie and Miranda were shown chatting about their love lives over cupcakes from the store in season three of Sex in the City, the brand has expanded to

NUDA bar branding & graphic design

The communication is genuine with honest emotions. The blurry images are referring to the feeling of having blurred vision after a couple of drinks – and as the night progress, the images are blurred more


How to Create a Graphic Design Resume for Maximum Impact

White space (also known as negative space) is between elements. Think of white space as the void left by all the elements in a picture.  A compelling visual narrative can make a portfolio stand out.

A year on, Banda’s vanishing Chornobyl identity is more urgent than ever

Discussing why the site needed a logo to begin with, Alexandra explains that it is crucial that we keep track of exactly when the nuclear reactions stop and the danger disappears completely. The creative director

Dove continues its mission to raise awareness of harmful social media

To highlight this, Dove brings a number of mothers and daughters together for a new ad, which shows them discussing the influence of social media, before events take an unexpected turn. According to Dove’s Self-Esteem

Brand identity for Herr Menig Junior an optician for kids

See the full case study here: Transatlantica Brand Design created a world of fun shapes and quirky characters that roam the colorful retail interior (designed by Raum Klaue). The friendly color palette is inspired