ReelTea packaging design to encourage conversation by Hart & Jones

To promote and celebrate real conversations Hart & Jones have designed a range of premium teas. With two bags to a pack, the designs encourage us to disconnect from the digital and embrace analogue . The designs are inspired by the old school technology of the VHS and cassette tape and their release is timed for National Tea Day on the 21st April .
National Tea Day aims to encourage people to try different varieties of tea and more importantly, discover how drinking it with others can enrich their lives. According to government figures one in 14 adults in the UK often or always feel lonely, and loneliness can be as bad for health as a long term illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure 

Hart & Jones is an international brand and packaging design agency that combines expertise in semiotics, insight and design to help brands stay ahead of cultural change

The old fashioned act of sharing a cup of tea can bring connection and joy to anyone. On National Tea Day, let’s all take time to pause, rewind and enjoy 

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