Cora’s redesign embraces a ‘self care’ approach to periods

Mother Design has also created a new wordmark, using a custom sans serif typeface that flows into place when animated. According to the studio – which is no stranger to a bit of jazzy type – the backwards slanted O, propped up by the C, subtly conveys the feelings of support and care that Cora was keen to evoke, while the letters’ curves denote comfort.
Packaging is designed to bring tampons, pads, heat packs and other period care products out of the darkness of the bathroom cabinet and onto the countertop. Boxes of tampons are now wrapped in pastel pink packaging, while organic cotton topsheets come in a neon red, and heat patches in a cool blue. Colours change tones to help people distinguish between levels of absorbency.
According to Cora founder and CEO Molly Hayward, the redesign is an attempt to address consumers’ need for a “real, relatable, empathetic experience”. This is reflected in updated product names, such as the Comfort Fit Tampon and the Peace-of-Mind Pad. Cora’s new packaging and identity reflects an ongoing reassessment of brand’s attitudes towards menstruation, as well as the design and branding that happens around it. The days of packages of sanitary towels emblazoned with unwanted motivational quotes or aggressively positive taglines – ‘have a happy period!’ comes to mind – are, thankfully, over at last.
Cora has been in business since 2016, selling pads, tampons and menstrual cups made using natural materials, as well as bladder-, vulva- and vaginal-care products. Its rebrand, created by Mother Design, is the latest piece of creative work to try and change people’s attitudes towards menstruation.

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