Young Lions Design Entry for Pepsi

For more information make sure to check out Mónica Ángel on Behance Creating a personalized sampling for the users, the design responded to the necessity of generating awareness with the consumer. What’s more, these patterns and shapes could be adopted later as brand assets to use in different media like outdoor or digital; these kinds of items are an excellent start for a conversation on social media. Mónica Ángel work as art director on a campaign that had the goal tol show the Colombians that Pepsi Black has as much flavor as its culture and customs. Inspired by one of the most famous icons of the Colombian coast: the picó; and also the cans of the product; we designed an interactive device that through a scanner identifies the colors present in the outfit of people to renders it into figures that are transmitted to the rhythm of the music and printed on labels for sampling (Second Skin). This device has a 360º sound system located at the top and bottom of its structure to start the party anywhere.

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