She For Dialogue Branding and Visual Identity

The logo can appear on its own or paired with a wordmark. The logotype and primary typography are set in Gotham Black a sans-serif typeface with a geometric structure combined with the Arabic type Bahij TheArabicSans to match the geometry of the Gotham.


The idea behind the logo is simple, since the program is targeting the Arab women community we chose to create the symbol out of the pronoun “She” in Arabic which is pronounced “Hiya”. We used the first letter as the main symbol so it’s seen as the letter “Ha’a” in Arabic because it has this interesting shape that is written with a continuous line in the beginning of the word. In combination underneath it are the two dots from the letter ”Y” or “Ya’a ” in Arabic so it makes sense for Arabic speakers.

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SHE FOR DIALOGUE is a project by the International Dialogue Center (KAICIID) an intergovernmental organization based in Austria, whose mandate is to promote the use of dialogue globally to prevent and resolve conflict to enhance understanding and cooperation. The idea of this project is to enhance and amplify the roles of women in the Arab World in the areas of interfaith and intercultural dialogue, by targeting around 28 Arab Women from five countries: Syria, Lebanon, KSA, Iraq and Egypt, and training them on various topics such as dialogue, social cohesion, countering hate speech, common citizenship and peace-building.

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