Editorial design for portfolio of selected works

Through the positioning of the design style, while gathering together selected works of Suzan, I tried to explore the ways of the multi-dimensional workspace of her mind. The choice of the color palette was referring to the contrast look of the scenes. As a result, a bright and complementary color palette within a fancy serif style of typographic approach with sans-serif guidelines orientates us to the feel of the three-dimensional stage space while were looking at a compilation of Suzan’s selected works.
Suzan Tunca is an Istanbul-based stage designer who specialized in various stage components produced by traditional manufacturing methods. Her works are mostly based on puppets, portable and non-portable stage designs & fancy historical costumes. The briefing was based on a three-dimensional workspace and the traditional manufacturing style of Suzan’s mind. By this brief, the editorial construction of a three-dimensional workspace orientated the whole design to a fancy treasure-ish look which also looks like a stage component. 


  • Concept: Portfolio, Editorial, Visual identity, Packaging
  • Typefaces: GT Flexa, GT Alpina by Grilli Type
  • Date: 2021

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