Public Address wants its seltzer identity to look anything but colourful and care-free

On the studio’s outlook on the project, Public Address summarises in its case study: “With so many brands leaning into light, bright, care-free packaging and identities, we saw an opportunity to be purposefully different.” Alongside its distinct packaging, the studio introduces a new website for the brand, which is refreshingly cold-looking, and a campaign “featuring a bold, crushed can, creating sculptural silhouettes against the white backdrop”.
This mix of high and low – which is something Chris says is key to the Cliché approach – is solidified both with a supporting black and white colour palette and a minimal typeface, Neue Montreal by Pangram Pangram. “The seltzer category is full of a lot of script-y and friendly type,” Chris explains, “by contrast, the use of Neue Montreal is a clear indicator that the brand is something fresh and different.

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