Visual Identity for the 58th Golden Horse Awards

Various materials leaping in the air form a youthful, creative, and energetic impression.

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Inspired by the key visual poster, the spotlight is an additional element that appears to jut out.

58th Golden Horse Awards

Bito Studio, damon xart and shao weahao shared a branding and visual identity project they created for the 58th Golden Horse Awards. The inspiration was from images that go in and out of focus, and the view shifts between the microscopic and the macroscopic, leading the viewer to experience the process of refocusing and forming a three-dimensional sculpture materialized through movement of the camera.

58th Golden Horse Awards

​​​​​​The two Chinese characters in the Golden Horse Awards key visual are converted into a two dimensional logo. In addition, dynamic gradients contour the strokes of the characters and give the design three-dimensionality.


  • Designed by Bito
  • Client:Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee
  • Creative Director Keng-Ming Liu
  • Art Director:Wei-Hao Shao
  • Designer:Wei-Hao Shao, Chen-Lin Hsieh
  • Copy Director:Vicki Huang
  • Account Manager:Naiyun Peng
  • Project Manager:Wen-Hui Chen, Hsiang Hsieh
  • Ideation:Keng-Ming Liu, Vicki Huang, Wei-Hao Shao, Chen-Lin Hsieh, Hsuan-Nin Wang, Eating Tsai, Meng Qi, Kai Cheng, Tifu Huang, Derrick Liu, Hsien-Chen Tsai, Ruo-Jia Liang

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