Month: April 2022


10 Essential Elements of Great Brand Design

How can you expect your customers to find you if you don’t have a great brand design? 331 Shares How can you expect your customers to find you if you don’t have a great brand


5 Ways Local Branding Can Help Grow Your Business

In many cases, these communities are more likely to respond to people who live in their area than those who don’t. For example, a local coffee shop may have a stronger relationship with the nearby


9 Ways High-Quality Graphics Can Boost SEO & Conversion Rates

A picture speaks a thousand words. It’s simple. People remember images better than text. So if you have a message to get across, a picture is a great way to do so.  In terms of

Why Improve User Experience (UX) Design is Important

Introduction: What is UX Design? The user-centered design process is a framework for designing products that match the needs of the people who will use them. It integrates market research, business strategy, and user needs

“Isn’t that a sub?”: Customers can’t name any product other than a Whopper in new Burger King campaign

For the more health-conscious customer, guesses ranged from the “Egg tomato burger”, the “Potato Sandwich Burger” and the “Croissant”. Other valiant efforts include: “Crunch”, “Huge Whopping Burger” and “Cheesy pop”. At the survey’s close, Burger

Röyksopp on building a creative universe for their new work

“After seeing Mulholland Drive in the movies back in the day, we went out and we started talking. What was it about? How it ended and so on,” recalls Svein Berge, one half of Norwegian


Making change and finding meaning: Four creatives discuss the issues affecting the industry today

Olivia Twist on building community and transforming everyday scenes into vibrant illustrations During her talk, not only did the London-born illustrator Olivia Twist reveal just how much she loves trainers, but that there are so

Ask is a new zine on consent, created by four inclusive skateboarding collectives for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

“The skateboarding community is well-known for being a supportive and welcoming place, but as with any other community, it isn’t perfect,” explains the Ask Campaign Collective, a group composed of four female and non-binary collectives

Tena unveils winning ad for Channel 4’s Diversity in Advertising Award

The ad is part of a wider campaign devised by AMV BBDO and Ketchum PR that will include social content, influencer activity and Tena’s Infrequently Asked Questions guide. Countering the dry, clinical information typically provided