Month: March 2022

Top 10 Fashion Logos: Best Designs in the Industry

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top ten fashion logos: 5.1K Shares So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top ten fashion logos: 5.1K Shares

Brand Archetypes: The Ultimate Guide to Building Brands

Ruler brands are often associated with strength or power. They evoke feelings of authority, confidence, and leadership. Outlaw brands are often associated with danger or chaos. They evoke feelings of excitement, unpredictability, and freedom. Innocent

Jacob Wise’s five key considerations for designing your own letterforms

Although our Creating for Tomorrow sessions are not available to rewatch after the live event, we’re pleased to be able to share a snippet of Jacob’s advice via five key considerations to take into account

Your mum will never know the flowers you got her were reduced from Tesco with these tips

Rule one: “Go for a small vase”, says Jessie, “you need a deceptively large amount of flowers to nicely fill a big one”. As demonstrated in the series, even one or two nice looking half

Nike celebrates Air Max Day with larger than life billboard campaign

“Our original concept was to show the Air Max styles that are iconic and meaningful in Japanese sneaker culture as if they were oversized blow up balloons, like those that appear in a parade,” says

The creative explosion of global type

Creative Insight CR explores why ‘non-Latin’ terminology with regards to type is offensive and outdated, and why Arabic, Indic and other world scripts are undergoing a design revolution Nadine Chahine, type designer and founder of

Explore the positive changes lockdown bought to the world of work and the latest exciting opportunities

Want to stay on top of your job search? Or keep an ear out for when your dream job arrives on our site? Click here to set up tailored job alerts arriving straight into your

Hornbach’s hilarious new ad sees neglected trees and plants take to the road

Creative Review has long admired Hornbach’s irreverent approach to DIY, as expressed in an ongoing series of spots by agency Heimat Berlin. This sense of anarchy is in full effect in the brand’s latest campaign,

20 Genius Money-Saving Tips For Creative Freelancers

It’s more important than ever for creative freelancers to reduce their costs and save every bit from increasing profits and thriving throughout the global financial crisis.  Fortunately, getting exposure doesn’t have to be expensive. Leverage free