Month: March 2022

Extra gum hopes to get its ‘ding’ back with global redesign

The new brand identity revolves around the idea of getting your ‘ding’ back, a line that works as much for the customer as it does the brand itself in the launch campaign. It builds on

Ghana Postal Stamp Print Collection

The Postal Stamp series is an ode to vintage postal stamps celebrating Ghanaian culture, people, and history. The designs were created by 2dots Space and were inspired by real vintage postal stamps. “This collection is

Future London Academy’s Identity for its London Summer Experiences

Graphic icons inspired by London (the oval shape of the eyes is actually the shape of the London Eye’s cabin) are brought to make the identity more cheerful and fun. After a long break Future

Harriet Davey demystifies NFT creation, from developing narratives to the nitty gritty of minting

Digital Fairy Tales is a collection of NFTs created by Berlin-based digital artist Harriet Davey. Commissioned by It’s Nice That in collaboration with Dropbox, the artist has utilised the platform to curate, collaborate and share

Big Issue I’m Here billboard campaign uses GPS to show vendors’ locations

A new billboard campaign for the Big Issue, I’m Here, uses geolocation technology to show where the magazine’s vendors can be found. “We couldn’t make this a faceless brand campaign: we needed to champion the

Best Logo Design Company: 8 Top Logo Design Companies

Choose from over 700 pre-set templates for various fields like law firms, tech startups, beauty stores and even non-profits! Or, on the other hand, something like “Elegant” works well for luxury brands. You can even

Get ready to throw your wallet at Seth Rogen’s rebranded cannabis brand Houseplant, which stacks like lego

Typographically, the redesign sees the introduction of a custom typeface based on Houseplant’s existing logotype, featuring rectangular counter-forms together with a condensed style. This new type dictated a tight, justified layout approach. “On the other

Naughty but niche: inside Turbo Island

Combining a keen eye for visual puns, illustrated one-liners, nerdy-leaning music taste and a predilection for ideas that are a bit, well, daft, Turbo Island is a T-shirt and print brand that’s built up a

WordPress Security: 10 Tips to Secure your Site

Use secure multi-factor authentication (using hard keys or passwordless sign-ins), as attackers need to have your password and the second factor for successful admin authentication. After taking the steps above, you will need to change