Harriet Davey demystifies NFT creation, from developing narratives to the nitty gritty of minting

Digital Fairy Tales is a collection of NFTs created by Berlin-based digital artist Harriet Davey. Commissioned by It’s Nice That in collaboration with Dropbox, the artist has utilised the platform to curate, collaborate and share their artworks from concept to completion. To learn more about how Dropbox can support your creative workflow, no matter the medium, head here.
As supporters of creatives exploring new territories, such as the emergent field of digital art, Dropbox commissioned Harriet to create a collection of four NFTs to lead this process. Working with the platform initially to curate her idea generation through to the destination of her files while working across programmes, within this article Harriet’s insight aims to help creatives wade through the uncertainty of this relatively nascent field.
In this piece we’ll touch on how the artist developed their narrative for this collection and how she turned each artwork into an NFT; from how to set up a wallet to the nitty gritty considerations made when choosing a marketplace. If you’re new to this space, towards the end of this article is a glossary of terms to refer to if aspects appear unfamiliar, as well as tips to avoid the common pitfalls people tend to run into.
A year after the explosion of NFTs as a channel for artists to sell their work, it seems that the dust has started to settle. However this new technology continues to be shrouded by its own mythology, often making it a difficult landscape to navigate. With this in mind, together with Dropbox, the digital artist Harriet Davey has created a helpful guide for creatives looking to explore this space.

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