Jacob Wise’s five key considerations for designing your own letterforms

Although our Creating for Tomorrow sessions are not available to rewatch after the live event, we’re pleased to be able to share a snippet of Jacob’s advice via five key considerations to take into account when designing your very own letterforms. Within the session the designer showcased the capabilities of typography to hold new meanings when driven by the thoughtful personality of its creator. We hope the below tips and tricks will guide you in exploring the detail-oriented craft that is hand drawn type design.
New World: Creating for Tomorrow is a programme of free, hands-on virtual sessions hosted by Today at Apple and It’s Nice That from 1 – 29 March. Building on our New World partnership in 2021, we’ll be hosting a series of Virtual Studio sessions with artists and designers who use creativity to present their ideals for the future.
Taking learnings from his career so far – which has seen him work with the likes of Collins, Klunk Records and the Utah Jazz – the designer also shared a step-by-step guide to drawing type, aided by insight from his type and media master’s studies, which Jacob is currently completing at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.
As part of our ongoing programme with Today at Apple, New World: Creating for Tomorrow, It’s Nice That had the honour of hosting a virtual session with Jacob Wise. One of the most respected voices in graphic and type design, Jacob’s session saw the Rotterdam-based designer teach attendees how to design type to express their respective creative futures while designing type using Procreate on iPad.

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